French with Madame Dresnok 2/22-2/26

Googlemeets: join class + dresnokmeets

For all classes, students should always consult

From there here is a list of the many platforms the students use to work.


Odd rotation: All assignments found on google classroom

Note: VHL assignments are now graded as a summative grade. Students have multiple opportunities to redo their practice assignments on VHL.

French 1 remote

Work for the week:

VHL (on-line textbook) 

verbe: "er" verbs practice



Essential Questions:

1.  How do students talk about their classes and school life?

2.  How do people ask and answer questions about their daily activities?

3.  How is school in France the same as, and different from, school in the U.S.?



A: Ask and respond to questions about familiar topics.   

B: Express and elicit feelings in the French.


A: Identify main ideas, topics, and specific information in auditory and written materials.


Compare French with English to better understand language systems.

Describe the practices and perspectives of Francophone cultures.

French 1: ER verbs.

quia, VHL, and google doc worksheets. Quiz Thursday.


French 1B

La famille and ER verbs. Google classroom lists assignments. 

Practice with quizlet and quia.


French 2

Work for the week:

clothing and body parts quiz retake

Grammar: Le passé composé



Identify main ideas, topics, and specific information in auditory or written materials.

Save the planet.

L'écologie et l'environnement

Ask and respond to questions about familiar topics; comprehend and produce vocabulary in appropriate contexts.  

French 4 Essential Questions

1.  How do people talk about the environment?

2.  How do people talk about nature and conservation?

3.  How does the environmentalism and conservation movement in France manifest itself?

Practice vocab about the environnement. google classroom lists the assignments.