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Week of October 5

Monday / Tuesday
Begin work on Danza (Italian Art Song)
Listening examples in Romantic and 20th Century
Homework will be a listening assignment posted in Google Classroom
SmartMusic assignment due
Practice Room Level 1 completion due
Wednesday / Thursday
Finish Listening examples
Continue work on Danza
Today will also be used to remediate any required work.
No homework (end of first session)

Week of September 28

In class discussion of historical periods in music
Listening exercise with representative piece from each era
Level 1 Rhythmic Exercises on The Practice Room
Learn individual parts on How Like a Winter using SmartMusic accounts
Finish historical discussion
Learn how to submit audio assignments
Submit recording for How Like a Winter
Move to Level 2 in the Practice Room

Week of September 21

Class discussion regarding musical time periods
Go over homework
Review theory work
Practice using music to prepare for assessment on Wednesday/Thursday
Timed theory assessment (notes and key signatures)
Begin working on the Practice Room
Continue work on time periods
Practice theory work on the Practice Room