What should your student be working on at home?

Hello!  I teach Photography, Video and Digital Art.  All of my classes use Google Classroom.  This is kept up to date and includes Video Demonstrations if your student is absent. 
In Class and At Home Work Expectations:
Every week students in my classes receive two assignments.  One assignment we work on in class together, and the other is for them to work on at home.  The home assignments follow a predictable rhythm for each class. 
PHOTOGRAPHY: Students are asked to take 10 photographs a week that consider light, composition and intention.  These are to be uploaded to google classroom by the end of the day Thursday.  They are to reflect on their favorite image in the comments section.  They will also have one article a week to review about a photographer. 
DIGITAL ART : Every week students will have a resource (article or online demonstration) to review.  In some cases I will be asking for a written response and in other cases students will be asked to hand in a screen shot of the completed demo. All work is due by the end of the day Thursday. 
VIDEO : Each week students will have a filming prompt.  They should be making video at home.  These are often ongoing projects...they may even ask to film you!  Each Thursday they are asked to hand in a screen shot of new video that they have uploaded into google classroom. 
TEACHER/STUDENT QUARANTINE PLAN : The realities of todays classroom ask us to be prepared for a potential 14 day quarantine. Should your student need to quarantine please do the following to insure their success in class:
1) Your student should send me an email letting my know that they are out and for how much time.  They should also indicate if they are capable of doing work from home during that time. 
2) Your student can follow along with weekly assignments using Google Classroom
3) They can come to class via Google Meets! Yes, I am absolutely open and available to have your student tune into class via google meets, we will set this up on a case by case basis. 
Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at any time. Your students success is important to me during this time.