Week of Oct. 5

Course/Period/Group:  A.P. U.S. History

Course Schedule: M-W 

Office Hours: Friday 10-Noon

Essential Questions:  

  1. To what extent did Jefferson & Madison continue the original goals of the Democratic-Republicans through their presidencies? 


  1. I can explain the differences between the ideals and policies of Federalists and Democratic-Republicans.
  2. I can evaluate the domestic and foreign policies of Thomas Jefferson
  3.  I can analyze the significance of the rulings of John Marshall and the development of the Supreme Court.
  4. I can describe the causes and effects of the War of 1812. Include supporters and opponents of the war.

Student Assignments: This is part of a larger project. - Everything is due on October 11. There will be some class time to work on these assignments. 

  1. Create Your Character & Write a letter of Introduction   
  2. Federalist Editorial & Democratic-Republican Editorial
  3. War of 1812 Soldier’s Memoir
  4. Letters from North, South, & West
  5. Foreign Policy Political Cartoon Analysis


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