Week of Sept. 28

Course: AP US History - Both periods, both cohorts

Course Schedule: M-W, Tu-Th

Office Hours: Friday 10-noon

Essential Questions:  When is it acceptable to rebel against your government? How much power should the federal government have? How does a democracy balance federal control and individual rights? 


3.1 I can explain the causes of the French and Indian War., 3.2 I can explain the significance of the Albany Congress: its goals and shortcomings., 3.3 I can describe the effects of the French & Indian War on colonists, Britain & Native Americans., 3.4 I can evaluate the relative importance of the 4 main causes for American independence., 3.5 I can define mercantilism and explain how it affected British policies toward the colonies., 3.6 I can explain examples of colonial resistance to British policies, including actions taken and groups formed., 3.7 I can analyze the reasons given in the Declaration of Independence for the colonies rebelling., 3.8 I can explain debates between Loyalists and Patriots, 3.9 I can evaluate how the colonists won the American Revolution, including relative strengths and weaknesses of each side, specific battles and contributions of women., 3.10 I can explain the successes and shortcomings of the Articles of Confederation and why a Constitutional Convention was called., 3.11 I can enumerate the compromises reached in the Constitutional Convention., 3.12 I can describe the debates between Federalists & Anti-Federalists and how the Bill of Rights was key to ratification of the Constitution., 3.13 I can explain the government structure created under Washington, including Hamilton’s financial system., 3.14 I can explain foreign and domestic challenges and successes during the Washington Administration., 3.15 I can explain foreign and domestic challenges and successes during the Adams Administration. 

Student Assignments: All are due by October 4 at midnight

Road to Revolution

Race, Class, and Gender in the American Revolution

Constitution Scavenger Hunt

Washington & Adams Report Cards

Optional Work: Hamilton Lyric Application, Review Quiz


Google Classroom

Resources: Time Period 3 Slides