Pam Carter - Weeks of Sept 14 and Sept 21

Course/Period/Group:  A.P. U.S. History

Course Schedule: M-W 

Office Hours: Friday 10-Noon

Essential Questions:  

How did contact between Europe, Africa, and the New World affect each region?


  1. I can explain the effects of the initial European contact with the Americas, including the Columbian Exchange.
  2. I can describe the encomienda system and both native & European responses to Spanish colonization. 
  3. I can compare the goals of Europeans in exploration and conquest and analyze how that affected their interactions with natives.
  4. I can discuss the unique characteristics of the British colonies on the Atlantic seaboard by region and by colony. 
  5. I can describe the transatlantic trade system that developed and how it advanced mercantilist goals
  6. I can identify examples of cooperation & conflict between natives and Europeans
  7. I can track the causes and effects of the rise of slavery in the colonies.
  8. I can describe the development of political institutions in the British colonies and evaluate the extent to which they were democratic.

Student Assignments:

Optional - Crash Course Videos and Questions

  1. Pre-Contact Native Societies - Due Sept 21
  2. New World Contact Document Analysis - Due Sept 21
  3. Conflicting Perspectives - Due Sept 21
  4. Colonial Regions - Due Sept 28
  5. Colonial Religions - Due Sept 28
  6. Colonial Economy & Conflict with Native Americans - Due Sept 28


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