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Wellness 9th grade


Curriculum Guide 

Windham High School

Freshmen Physical Education

Syllabus (click)

Freshmen Physical Education is based on a foundational wellness philosophy.  Our goal is to provide students with the confidence to choose their own path to lifelong wellness.  Fitness concepts along with the choice of activities are offered during this semester long class. Students are expected to create a fitness plan which will guide them in making decisions based on their fitness goals and personal expectations through a variety of fitness choices.

Course Level and Description:

Freshmen Physical Education                                                   Grade 9                     

1 Semester/Half Credit PE


One half credit of Physical Education (Wellness) and one half credit of Health Education are required for freshman students.

In Physical Education (Wellness), skills in lifetime and team sports are taught as well as a fitness program which emphasizes cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, muscular strength/endurance and body composition. If for medical reasons, a student’s participation is questioned, a doctor’s certificate must be presented to the school nurse. An appropriate program will be developed with the PE teacher or the student will be rescheduled for a later time.

Graduation Standards for course:

  • Movement/Motor Skills & Knowledge

G4-Design appropriate practice sessions, utilizing fundamental movement skills to improve performance

i.e. Fitness Log

  • Physical Fitness Activities & Knowledge

H1-Participate in a health related fitness assessment to establish personal fitness goals and reassess their fitness over time

i.e. Fitness Testing Score Sheet, Fitness Questionnaire

H2-design & critique a personal fitness plan, from established goals, that applies the 5 fitness components and the principles of training (specificity, overload, & progression)

i.e. Fit Plan, Fitness Questionnaire, Goals Reflection

  • Personal & Social Skills & Knowledge

I1-Demonstrate the following collaborative skills while participating in physical activities: giving and accepting constructive feedback; respectful inclusion of peers in activities. 

I2-Demonstrate responsible and ethical personal behavior while participating in physical activities.

I3-Predict how etiquette/safety rules improve games/activities, contribute to productive participation, and how environmental modifications can impact safety

i.e. The Big 3

21st Century Skills/Guiding Principles for course:

  • 1E.  A Clear and Effective Communicator who: E. Use a variety of modes of communication to create and share ideas.

  • 2B.  A Self-Directed and Lifelong Learner who: Applies knowledge, sets goals and makes informed decisions in familiar and new contexts to real world situations.

  • 3B.  An Integrative and Informed Thinker who: B. Frames questions, makes predictions, and designs data /information collection and analysis strategies.

Course Activities may include:

Team Sports, Individual Sports, Outdoor Pursuits, Weight Training, Fitness etc...

Curriculum Materials may include:

Fit Plan, Fitness Summary, Fitness Scoresheet, Archery Scoresheet, etc...