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My name is EJ Regan, and I am entering my 13th year as an English teacher at Windham High School.  
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The Catcher in the Rye

Students in my odd rotation should be reading The Catcher in the Rye over the coming weeks.  The are four sets of reading questions that will accompany this novel, as well as a summative project at the end.  A more detailed break down can be found on the students' google classroom pages.  Please email me with any questions at 

October 16--October 23

Students in Mr. Regan's period 8 Junior English class should be working with The Crucible.  The A and B cohorts are moving at a slightly different pace because of the school calendar, so please check your student's google classroom for more specific reading assignments.
Students in Mr. Regan and Mrs. Finn's Senior English classes (period 2 and 6) will be reading the novel Anthem in class.  Please check on the individual google classrooms for specific cohort work, as we are moving at different paces when comparing the four sections.
Thanks and have a great week!

Wrapping up The Crucible

This week, students should be working on their summative essays for The Crucible.  These will be due, and shared with the class during our last class of the "quarter."
For Group A students, this final due date is Wednesday, October 7.
For Group B students, the final due date is Thursday, October 9.
If you have questions or concerns, please email me at
Thanks and have a great week!

Week of 9/14

Honors English III:  Students should be reading Act I of The Crucible, as well as keeping track of characters with their character chart.  There will be other in class readings and assignments to support and enhance The Crucible.  The summer reading assignment, which included an essay and the Socratic seminar, are due on Monday (group A) and Tuesday (group B).  More details are available on our google classroom.
Academic English III:  Students will be reading Act I of The Crucible, and taking notes on the character chart.  There will be other readings posted on google classroom that will support The Crucible and help students make modern connections to the play.