APEX Weekly Plan | 11.16.20 |ODD

Course: Odysseyware Online Courses & APEX Directed Study Period 1 

Course Schedule: 

Group A (A-K) 

Group B (L-Z) 

  • Monday In-Person [Individual Help or Assessments] 
  • Tuesday Remote [Lessons & Projects]
  • Wednesday In-Person [Individual Help or Assessments] 
  • Thursday Online [Lessons & Projects) 
  • Monday Remote [Lessons & Projects]
  • Tuesday In-Person [Individual Help or Assessments] 
  • Wednesday Remote [Lessons & Projects]
  • Thursday  In-Person [Individual Help or Assessments]

Office Hours:  Friday 11am-1pm [Book an appointment

Essential Questions: Individual for each course & student

Standards/PIs:  Individual for each course & student

Student Assignments: Check your Period 1: Individual Planner Google Doc

Links/Resources: See Google Classroom for updates. 

Please email Mrs. Shetenhelm (ashetenhelm@grsu14.org) for an individual update for each student. 

Course:  APEX English Period 3 and 5 

Course Schedule: 

Group A (A-K) 

Group B (L-Z) 

  • Monday In-Person  
  • Tuesday Remote [Check Google Classroom for remote lesson]
  • Wednesday In-Person 
  • Thursday Remote [Check Google Classroom for remote lesson]
  • Monday Remote [Check Google Classroom for remote lesson]
  • Tuesday In-Person 
  • Wednesday Remote [Check Google Classroom for remote lesson]
  • Thursday In-Person  

Office Hours: Friday 9:30-11:30 [Book an appointment

Essential Questions:  Born a Crime by Trevor Noah 

  • In a culture where we are bombarded with other people trying to define us, how do we form and shape our identities?
  • What are the benefits and consequences of questioning / challenging social order?

Standards/PIs: Reading: 

  • Reading Standard: This student is able to comprehend complex texts independently and proficiently at their grade level of proficiency. 
  • Speaking & Listening Standard: This student can participate effectively in a range of collaborative discussions as well as can present information that conveys a clear and distinct perspective at grade level proficiency. 

Student Assignments: 

Group A Google Classroom Calendar 

Group B Google Classroom Calendar 

  1. TED Talk: Danger of a Single Story - Starburst Identity Charts 
  2. Chapter 1 “Run” Reading Guide 
  3. Learning about Apartheid Hyperdoc 
  4. Chapter 2 “Born a Crime” Reading Guide 
  5. Reading Quiz (Summative) 
Links/Resources: *See Google Classroom for specific assignment details, resources, and support.