Windham High Schools’ Maine Ecology students visit Kettle Cove in Cape Elizabeth

If you had been walking along the beach in Cape Elizabeth on October 1st, you would have spotted Windham High Schools’ Maine Ecology students wearing waders, wielding nets, and gathering data. Led by their teacher, Lindsay Hanson, they were doing a habitat analysis of Maine’s rocky intertidal zone. The day was about connecting what they had been learning in the classroom with hands on learning in this local coastal ecosystem. This elective for juniors and seniors works to connect kids with the Maine ecosystems they have grown up around with the hope of giving them a better understanding of where they live and how they impact their community.

Student Quotes

“We saw some very cool organisms and I was able to learn about them first hand.”

“The most interesting part of the day was seeing how each of the organisms have adapted to live in their environment.”