RSU14 Students participate in mock crime scene examination.

Like true CSI detectives, they are analyzing a mock hit-and-run crime scene and examining the evidence to determine ‘whodunit’. To bring as much authenticity and hands-on interaction as possible, we will created a mock crime scene outside the school on May 1st and 2nd. There were police vehicles, media personnel, crime scene tape, and a great deal of activity in general.

Math students looked at tire tracks while science students investigated blood evidence and English students interviewed suspects and wrote reports. Journalism students served as the press while law students will conduct a mock trial at the end of the investigation. Students are not working alone, however. They have support from Officer Fournier and other members of the Windham Police Department and also have the opportunity to hear speakers related to crime scene investigation. With all these resources, will students be able to solve the crime? We will soon find out!”

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